5 Stylish Hairstyles to Wear This Year

Here we have collected the best 5 stylish hairstyles to wear this year and the looks of celebrities that always sparkle with their stunning hairstyles. The styles they appear with inspire many of us and to look more fashionable we go for trendy hairstyles like the below shown options.

Lobs or Long Bobslong straight bobWhat’s the best thing in lobs? It’s the hairstyle that allows you go for different styles like straight, wavy, side swept or cute braided. Today many celebrities sport this style combining it with nice shades of subtle hair colors. It also looks fine on nay texture so anyone can try it. You will also refresh your locks and allow them breathe for some period of time.Kate Mara, lob for wavy hair 2015

Emma Stone, long bob for curly hairBohemian Wavesboho waves

You already know that the boho style is quite dominant this year. If you have tried different boho hairstyles you can choose this simple wavy hairstyle that looks nice for any occasion bot for casual days and for parties. It’s great especially for lighter hair and brings out the smashing hues of your locks. You can get a center part look with boho waves.boho waves 2016Ponytails

Different ponytails are becoming fashionable day by day. This high ponytail is worn by many celebs and models. You can have it in straight, messy or sleek styles. Low ponytails seem to be more convenient and can be sported for official meetings or at workplace.high Ponytail

Jessica Simpson ponytail

Low Ponytail

BraidsBraids 2016

Super feminine looks can provide subtle and beautiful braids. They are always in thing and new versions created by our smart hairstylists often amuse us. You can mix a braid and ponytail and the result will be a nice braided ponytail.  Braids lovely style

Braids for 2016Messy Bun

Bun hairstyles look nicer if styles in a messy way. They are super for hot summer months and if combined with warm headbands you can sport them in winter too. As a second day hair hairstyle they are quite appropriate. Keep in mind that there is no perfect messy bun. You can style it the way you like only get a bun at the end.  Messy BunSo, these are the best 5 hairstyles that can be sported by anyone. Choose a hairstyle that most appeals to you.