Short Hairstyles to Steal from Celebs

If you are already tired of your long hair it’s time to go for radical changes and cut it off. Make your hair super short following the trendiest examples of or celebrities. It’s very elegant and quite fashionable, so you can pick a nice short hairstyle from these short hairstyles of celebs. These hairstyles are also easy manageable compared with long hair. So check them out right now and get inspired by these gorgeous looks.

Charlize Theron’s super pixie haircut

Charlize Theron super pixie haircutCharlize Theron loves to sport different hairstyles and this time she has chosen the boyish pixie haircut that suits her so much and complements her face features. The softness brought to the boyish nature of this hairstyle is provided with the subtle blonde hair color that works with her skin ton and nice green eyes. The harmoniums look is so obvious that it seems as if this shade of blonde is her natural hair color and this super short haircut is just what her face needed.Charlize Theron super pixie haircut 2015Lady Gaga’s pretty short haircut

This refreshed style of Lady Gaga perfectly works with her face form and features. After so many hairstyles she looks very elegant with this short haircut colored in dark blonde hair color which goes with her complexion. It looks very natural and balanced. If you have such face frame like Lady Gaga you can go for this awesome short haircut.Lady Gaga pretty short haircutCoco Rocha’s edgy haircut

Here you see supermodel Coco Rocha with an edgy short haircut. After her long hair now she looks differing and very tender. Her sides swept bangs seem to bring a touch of femininity with the help of the dark red hair color that shines beautifully.

Coco Rocha edgy haircutMichelle Williams’ sleek hairstyle

Short hairstyle has always been the best friend of Michelle William. She likes to experiment with different short haircuts and this sleek hairstyle seems to be her personal style that none can ever create. That’s why recently she often sports short haircuts. But believe it’s not that hard to get if you have thin hair. The baby blonde hair color perfectly suits both the haircut and the light skin tone of this gorgeous celebrity.Michelle William sleek hairstyleAlicia Keys’ short bob haircut

If you want a combination of bob and super short haircut then short bob is for you. Look at the picture of Alicia Key colored in a monotone dark chocolate hair color which works with her dark complexion and compliments her pretty dark eyes. This haircut also creates a beautiful frame around her face.Alicia Keys short bob haircutMiley Cyrus’ faux hawk hairstyle

Recently Miley Cyrus rocks with her unexpected transformations and appears with different hairstyles. On of the most discussed hairstyles is faux hawk hairstyle she sported with platinum blonde hair color. It suits her very much and compliments her face features and complexion. If you love this crazy short haircut that can be styled in different ways you can go for it.Miley Cyrus faux hawk hairstyleKeira Knightley’s awesome bob haircut

Keira looks stunning with this fantastic bob haircut which frames her pretty face and brings out the beauty of her shiny eyes. The chosen brown hair color with hardly noticeable highlights that add more dimension and volume make her hair natural looking and very feminine. This haircut is copied by many of her fans.Keira Knightley awesome bob haircut