Trendy Men’s Spiky Hairstyles for 2016

For thousands years men used to wear short hairstyles which make them look more masculine and handsome. These hairstyles are always stylish and only the ways of styling change time to time. In this article we’ll speak about trendy spiky hairstyles for men that are going to be stylish in 2016.spiky hair for men 2016There are long spikes and short spikes and according to your preferences you can choose the style you like most. Spiky hair looks very bold and sophisticated. There are many ways to style spiky hair. More and more celebrities wear these hairstyles such as  Max Irons, Zac Efron, Gabriel Macht and Jeremy Irvine. Continue reading Trendy Men’s Spiky Hairstyles for 2016

Best Celebrity Bobs and Lobs

So far we have been discussing many bob and lob hairstyle ideas which surely inspired you, but what if the best options are worn by celebrities? Their hairstylists best know which hairstyles to choose for them so that they can sparkle on the red carpet. Lately many stars choose just bob and lob hairstyles which are trendy and look fabulous. Let’s see who are the celebrities with best bob and lob hairstyles.hairstyles bob and lobKate Hudson Curly Lob

Kate Hudson looks very lovely with this cute curly lob hairstyle. It works with her face shape and makes her look girly. The cool golden blonde shade on her hair is the best choice both for this haircut and for her complexion. She has medium skin tone and green eyes which compliment her hair color. Continue reading Best Celebrity Bobs and Lobs

8 Trendy Short Hairstyles 2016

Lately short hairstyles become more and more required among women of different age groups. They are very fashionable and make your appetence powerful. The latest short hairstyles mainly offer bob and pixies of various styles. Now we’ll discuss 8 trendy short hairstyles for 2016.short hairstyles 2016Rihanna Short Curly Hairstyle

We do love hairstyles that Rihanna wears. Each time she experiments with new styles which soon become copied by most of her fans. This short curly hairstyle is a super idea for women who have natural curly hair. If you are tired of your hairstyle then change it totally into a new short style keeping it’s luxury like Rihanna did. Continue reading 8 Trendy Short Hairstyles 2016

Celebrity Long Hairstyle Ideas

To look gorgeous with long hair you need to care about it every single day. Unlike short haircuts long hair requires more hair styling skills and likes to be styled differently. Lately many women started to grow out their hair getting inspired by stunning celebrities. We have seen so many hairdos starting from simple side braid and low bans to super sleek and curly hairstyles. And right here I am going to represent you the best long hairstyles from celebrities.celebrity haisrtyles 2016Kim Kardashian Long Hairstyles

Kim is one of the most popular celebrities who have long healthy locks. She likes to style her hair in many different ways and to go for various hair colors from dark brunettes to the lightest shades of blonde. But most often we see her either with long straight or curly hairstyles. She also matches her hairstyles with stylish bangs allowing her face features look subtler. Here you see her with long curls which bring out the luxury of her hair. Continue reading Celebrity Long Hairstyle Ideas

Top Knot Hairstyles for Men

Starting from ancient times men had long hairstyles. Today as times have changed most of them wear short haircuts. But still we can see stylish men with long hair. If you are one of them perhaps you have opted for several ways to style your hair and today I’m going to represent you the trendy top knot hairstyles for men. If you think that these hairstyles are far from looking masculine you are mistaken. Just have a look at the following powerful hairdos.Top Knot Hairstyles For Men 2016One thing always keep in mind before going for the top knot hairstyles. They best work with beards that’s why they look so masculine. If they are combined with stylish glasses you’ll get more attractive look. Here I have collected the best top knot hairstyles of celebrities, models and just fashionable men. Now, check them out. Continue reading Top Knot Hairstyles for Men

Best Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

When it comes to braids I become so excited, because they are the hairstyles that best enhance our beauty. There is really something about those ethereal hairstyles that seem to be transferred from angels to stylish women. The real professionalism of hair styling is just seen in braids. The ways they are created are not available for anyone and those that wield this art deserve high appreciation. As we know the most professional hairstylists are hired by celebrities that’s why I have collected the best braided hairstyles from celebrities. Here they are.braided hairstyles 2016Shailene Woodley Side Braid

Side braids can be styled differently. You can from the simple fishtail braids from the most complicated styles. Here you see our lovely Shailene Woodley with a thick sophisticated braid. It suits her very much and enhances the luxury of her long locks. Continue reading Best Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

6 Celebrity Hairstyles to Copy in Fall

Fall is coming and you are expected to change your hairstyle according your face shape. The upcoming season is all about wavy styles that we used to rock in summer too. They are very simple and wearing them you’ll look like our stylish celebrities. Look at the best examples of celebrity hairstyles for fall and pick a style to refresh your appearance.hairstylesJulianne Hough Asymmetrical Tug

Asymmetrical tug is a quite shaggy and cool hairstyle that best goes with oval faces. Here you see adorable Julianne Hough who has chosen the best haircut for her face shape. She has also opted for the right blonde shade matching her light skin tone and light eyes. Those that have thin hair can go for this hairstyle making it look fuller and more volumized. Continue reading 6 Celebrity Hairstyles to Copy in Fall

Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas To Copy Right Now

Why do we sometimes opt for hairstyles that are created by the hairstylists of famous celebrities? Because they are the most fashionable and are worn by most stylish women. We have collected some of the loveliest hairstyles of celebs which look fabulous and always sparkle with their beauty. Here you can see hairdos for any type and length of hair. Keep your eye on them and often sport the ones that most appeal to you.celebrity haisrtylesNicole Kidman Messy Low Updo

If you have followed the hairstyle makeovers Nicole Kidman passes through you have probably noticed how wisely she chooses hairstyles to look younger. This one is one of these hairstyles that look very spiffy on her blonde hair. Her messy side parted hair gathered in a cute low updo is very subtle and looks unique. The black ribbon beautifully brings out her light hair color and perfectly goes with her black outfit. Continue reading Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas To Copy Right Now

Trendy Short Hairstyles for Black Women

If you are a black woman and don’t know what hairstyle to choose for 2016 then read this article. Here you wills surely find the best style for you because we have collected the examples of black celebrities with short hairstyles.hairstyles for black women 2016Rihanna Short Bob Hair

If you are fond of super short and straight haircuts then perhaps Rihanna’s short bob will appeal to you. It’s very stylish and seductive. If you like you can combine it with fringe or long side swept bangs depending on your face shape and features. You can also add few blonde highlights to break the darkness of your hair color like Rihanna’s hair colorist did. Continue reading Trendy Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Best Hairstyle Ideas for Big Foreheads

If you have a big forehead, don’t worry, fashion world provides you with stunning hairstyle ideas special for big foreheads. There are plenty of refined hairstyles which suit big foreheads and make them look smaller. Wiser approaches even hide foreheads making them hardly visible which allow you look subtler. Now, if you want to know which is the best hairstyle for you, check these styles.hairstyles for big foreheads 2015Angelina Jolie Long Side Parted Bangs

Having a big forehead Angelina finds beautiful ways of hiding it. She usually goes for hairstyles with bangs and here she is in half up half down hairstyle combined with long side parted bangs. This trendy bouffant along with shaggy bangs frame her face beautifully and draw your attention away from her forehead. The watcher focuses on the eyes and lips and this is what you actually need. Continue reading Best Hairstyle Ideas for Big Foreheads