Ariana Grande Hair Color Makeover

Ariana Grande is one of the most fashionable celebrities that always amuse us with her new styles. Though she doesn’t go for radical transformations but her cute changes inspire many of us with their calm and soft nature. She is known especially with her hair color transformations that make her stand out and look more attractive. The sophisticated and feminine looks she wears suit her sweet face expression. She is so tender with the different hair colors that really suit her. So, here you can see Ariana Grande Hair Color makeover and if you have such complexion as she you can experiment with these hair colors in 2016.ariana grande hair colors 2016Ariana Grande Dark Brown Hair Color

The shades of brown hair color are the best options for Ariana’s dark complexion. It looks as if it’s her natural hair color which sparkles beautifully on her locks and brings out espresso hues. Matched with her dark brown eye color this hair color makes her look balanced and very tender. Wearing mild and natural looking makeup she has created a girl look with that sweet face. Continue reading  Ariana Grande Hair Color Makeover

Taylor Swift Hair Inspiration for 2016

Taylor Swift is one of these cute celebrities who always appear in the public with new styles which inspire many women. Her pretty hairstyles and hair colors always matched with her face features and skin tone bring a touch of harmony in her looks. This is the main reason why she looks so gorgeous and stunning. Today we’ll discuss several trendy hairstyles of Taylor Swift for 2016. Keep on reading and discover this awesome celebrity’s style. Since we have seen Taylor with various hairstyles we collected the best and the most fashionable ones for you to copy.taylor swiftTaylor Swift Long Curls

Loving her curls Taylor often appeared in the center of attention with her luxurious curly hairstyles. Before going for short hairstyles she used to wear different curly hairstyles including finger curls, waves, coily hair and so on. Here you see her stunning curls shining with the blonde hair colors that suit Taylor so much. Continue reading Taylor Swift Hair Inspiration for 2016

Stylish Holiday Hairstyles from Celebrities

Following the examples of stunning celebrities is very common and the styles we copy of them make us look more fashionable. When it comes to hairstyles some women love to copy hairstyles of their favorite celebrity. If you are one of them then pass through this article to find out which celebrity inspires you with her hairstyle. Here you can see stylish holiday hairstyles from celebrities that look very beautiful.

Classic High Bun from Kim KardashianClassic High Bun from Kim KardashianIf you are fond of classic style then this perfect high worn by Kim Kardashian is just for you. Try it out for a special holiday where you are going to appear with a gorgeous classic outfit and cool makeup. The so wanted elegant look can be provided with this simple and quick hairstyle. Having it sleek and tight your look will be very elegant. If you want more casual look you can get a lower messy bun which is quite popular this year. Continue reading Stylish Holiday Hairstyles from Celebrities

Short Hairstyles to Steal from Celebs

If you are already tired of your long hair it’s time to go for radical changes and cut it off. Make your hair super short following the trendiest examples of or celebrities. It’s very elegant and quite fashionable, so you can pick a nice short hairstyle from these short hairstyles of celebs. These hairstyles are also easy manageable compared with long hair. So check them out right now and get inspired by these gorgeous looks.

Charlize Theron’s super pixie haircut

Charlize Theron super pixie haircutCharlize Theron loves to sport different hairstyles and this time she has chosen the boyish pixie haircut that suits her so much and complements her face features. The softness brought to the boyish nature of this hairstyle is provided with the subtle blonde hair color that works with her skin ton and nice green eyes. The harmoniums look is so obvious that it seems as if this shade of blonde is her natural hair color and this super short haircut is just what her face needed. Continue reading Short Hairstyles to Steal from Celebs

Celebrity Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircuts are recently becoming more and more popular and one of the reasons is the tendency of celebrities sporting this brave hairstyle. Though they look rather boyish than feminine but our smart hairstylist find the best solutions to make them look softer and tender. Here you can check celebrity pixie haircuts and if you have decided to go for a nice pixie cut you can choose one of these options. Get your hair chopped off getting inspired by our famous celebs.

Halle Berry Pixie HaircutHalle Berry Pixie HaircutCalling Halle Berry the queen of pixie will be quiet appropriate since we have seen her with so many pixie cuts. Perhaps this trendy look is one of the best styles she has ever sported. This is a hot hairstyle that has a kind of edginess and brings a touch of power. She has a subtle look at the same time due to the simple and mild makeup that makes her eyes sparkle beautifully. And her smile just softens the hairstyle she has worn. Continue reading Celebrity Pixie Haircuts

Beyonce’s Hairstyles to Copy

There are many celebrities that inspire women but this celeb is perhaps one of those that have millions of fans that follow her style. The hairstyles she sports each time amuses us with their new looks and the changes her hairstylists bring to her hair. We have seen her in many hairstylists and now we’ll discuss some of them that look just fabulous. So here are Beyonce’s hairstyles to copy this year.

Box braids Box braids Beyonce straightMany of us remember Bey’s long hair she styled in various ways. This pretty long box braids are very suitable for your busy and hot summer days. You can style it several ways: updos, ponytails or just leave them the way they are because the stunning look is always provided by box braids. To make them more eye-catching you can color your hair in lighter hues like Beyonce. Continue reading Beyonce’s Hairstyles to Copy