Hottest Perm Hairstyle Types

Starting from the 80’s having curled hair women considered as a luxury. It was the new style spreading all over the world and ladies following the fashion were doing everything to get curly hair no matter by curlers, crimpers or perms. Today these hairstyles are so common that we even don’t pay for them and achieve them at home. However some styles are still in thing and demand much effort to be done right. If you are a kind of woman who struggles against her straight hair to make them curly you well know how much time it takes from you to be done beautifully. In fact curling hair especially thick locks is a real nightmare.perm curly haisrtyles 2016 So, if you really want to get curly hair for a long time there is a great solution; perm curling. Your fantastic natural-looking curls will last for months making you look stunning and saving you from the effort of getting the desired effect. There are different types of perm curling and we represent the hottest perm hairstyle types offered by professional hairstylists and often sported by fashionable women. Continue reading Hottest Perm Hairstyle Types

Disney Princess Inspired Hairstyles for You

No matter what hairstyle you wear, sometimes you just get inspired by the hairstyles worn by Disney princesses. They are so sophisticated, delicate and look flawless. If you haven’t tried one of them yet, it’s the right time to experiment with some of them just now and just here. We’ll show the best Disney princess inspired hairstyles for you and you wearing the most suitable hairstyle you can amuse the mirror with your new look. These hairstyles bring more fun and joy with them and they are perfect for youth evening parties and for birthday parties.collageSince there are thousands of Disney princess hairstyles we have chosen the most demanded and the most common options.

Princess Merida Hair from Brave Continue reading Disney Princess Inspired Hairstyles for You

5 New Bounchy Curly Hairstyles

For glamorous women always looking for fantastic and new curly hair we offer 5 bounchy curly hairstyles. Curly hair is generally much more feminine and looks quite fabulous. Adding curls to your fine hair will also add volume and super effect. When it comes to bounchy curls they are perfect for thick but straight hair. Here are collected the best options of bounchy curly hairstyles that can be sported almost any time.

Bouncy Bombshell curls

Bombshell curls tend to make your appearance hotter. It is often worn by Victoria’s Secret’s models on runways. Big and bounchy curls make a look as if your hair is blown from your face bringing out your pretty face features. While making this hairstyle you need to curl away your hair around your face to get the “wind in my face” look. It will look nice with romantic dresses and is suitable for date nights.Bouncy Bombshell curls 2016Bouncy end curls

Those that love to add more volume to their hair will defiantly like bounchy end curls. If you curl the edges of your hair you can make a nice ponytail that will look girly and tender. Continue reading 5 New Bounchy Curly Hairstyles

Fashionable Curly Hairstyles to Try

Natural curly beauties are just blessed as they already have a gorgeous look without even styling their hair. But those that have wavy or straight hair put much effort to have their hair curled. All in all it’s not an easy task and if you want to style your hair just by the so wanted curly hairstyle you’d better refer to a good hairstylist especially if you plan to get it for a special event. Now check these fashionable curly hairstyles.

Straw curlsStraw curlsStraw curls are again back and if you have this kind of hair you don’t need to straighten or change their appearance as they look stunning just the way they are. It’s unique and is not that often met, so don’t damage your hair by using a straightening iron and enjoy the originality of your fantastic thin curls. They look nicer left down and with a fashionable monotone hair color; however highlights also go perfectly with straw curls. Continue reading Fashionable Curly Hairstyles to Try