Coolest Boho Hairstyles

Try to do something cuter and more feminine with your hair. How? Here I suggest you coolest boho hairstyles. This is my favorite style and I wish to share it with you. You surely need a new hairstyle for any event.boho hair 2016Braided Bouffant

This hairstyle is easy achieved and suits almost all types of long hair. Creating a bouffant on the top part and simple braids on sides you can style a nice half updo hairstyle. You may wear it for a job interview or for a romantic dinner. Continue reading Coolest Boho Hairstyles

Honey Blonde Hair Color Hairstyles

One great way to change your entire look is dyeing your hair. However before you decide which hair color you want we offer you the sweet honey blonde hair color for cool, warm and neutral skin tones. If you have one of these skin tones then keep o reading to discover the honey blonde shade for your new stunning look.Honey Blonde  HairAmong the above mentioned skin tones only neural skin tone can works with nay shade be it blonde, golden or brown. On the other hand if you have cool or warm skin tone you can easily play with honey blonde hair color to enhance your beauty. If you have cool skin tone then you’ll get a lightened up complexion if you apply honey blonde hue on your hair. It will create a baby blonde shade which is very subtle and very soft. Women with warm skin tone will have creamy effect. But you should also consider your eye color in order to get the perfect natural-looking effect. Light eye colors are the best for honey blonde hue. Continue reading Honey Blonde Hair Color Hairstyles

Best Hairstyles for Women over 40

Women over 40 should care about their hairstyle because this is the age when your look starts to change gradually and you get another appearance. To make this new look stylish you should start from your hair. When you are already 40 you should not go for radical changes and risks because you may ruin your look. The best way is to find out which hairstyles look best on your hair and to opt for the most suitable style. First of all I would like to share  some points with you that are essential for your hairstyle. So, it must be chic, natural-looking, low- maintenance, shaggy, bold, and very sophisticated. Now, let’s have a look at the best hairstyles for women over 40.hairstyles for women over 40Classy Cream-Blonde Bob

This cute bob haircut is a great hairstyle for those that look for a classy and cozy style. It can be worn every single day for any occasion. The short bangs can bring out your face features and highlight your beauty. The subtle cream-blonde is very suitable for this hairstyle. Continue reading Best Hairstyles for Women over 40

Trendy Edgy Haircuts for 2016

As you have already noticed edgy hairstyles are going to become even more popular in 2016 and the transformations of our celebrities prove this fact. Soon we will see these hairstyles copied my nay women who want to look braver and flashier. Here you will see cool hairstyle ideas shown by celebs who look very different and unique with them. You may find some inspiration looking at the following hairstyles.edgy hairstyles 2016Edgy Hairstyle of Kimberly Caldwell

The most common edgy looks for the coming year create bangs hairstyles. Here you see Kimberly Caldwell with very cute pixie haircut styled with waves on the long layered and side swept bangs. The chosen platinum blonde hair color which is also very trendy makes her look complete and totally goes with her complexion as well as with her face shape. Continue reading Trendy Edgy Haircuts for 2016

Creative and Cute Hairstyle Ideas

If you are a stylish lady and soon get tired of the same hairstyles then this article is just for you. Here you will see creative hairstyle ideas that look both beautiful and unique. They will bring a soft touch into your look and will make you stand out from the crowd. Our hairstylists do their best to create new hairstyles for ladies seeking for fabulous looks. If you are invited for a crazy party or for a birthday party then the hairstyles represented here will bring great ideas on your mind. You can always use your imagination to style your hair differently and to amuse your people around you.creative hairstyles 2016Retro Hairstyles

Since retro style is one of the old styles many women use it as a new and differing style opting both makeup and hairstyles. These hairstyles are very glamorous and wearing them your look goes through a huge transformation. It seems as you have changed into another “you” adding a touch of more femininity and hotness into your look. Look at these pictures of retro hairstyles and according to your haircut choose the ones which can best suit you. Combining them with the right retro makeup and outfit you will get the perfect retro style. This is another passion that today allures many women. Continue reading Creative and Cute Hairstyle Ideas

Shades of White Blonde Hair Color

Usually natural blondes try to wear as many blonde shades as possible because their hair color allows it. If you have natural hair color then the new white hair color ideas will definitely interest you. This is a hair color that goes with fair skin tones and light eye color, though we can also see white blonde with dark eyes. This hair color looks nice on any hairstyle with it’s monotone effect.white blonde hair 2016There are lighter and warmer shades of white blonde. According to your taste and complexion you are supposed to choose the right shade for you. Lighter shades usually have cool reflection while warmer shades include some golden hues. If you have too fair complexion and still want to go for white blonde you’d better take warmer tints but if you have warm skin tone and want to break down that warmth you may pick a white blonde hair color between lighter shades. Cool tones are best for green and blue eyes and golden shades work with warmer eye colors like hazel brown,  light brown and dark brown. Looking at these pictures you will get the right image of white blonde and complexion matching. Continue reading Shades of White Blonde Hair Color

Celebrities with Crazy Colorful Hair

A lot of women try to find inspirations following the examples of popular celebrities. They always try out styles and ideas which are creative, unique and always unexpected. The transformations they go through make them stand out and look even more alluring.celebrity crazy hair colors 2016 Sometimes they experiment with such fashion solutions no one has ever passed through and these styles often become trendy and common among their fans and many other women. In this article you will see celebrities with crazy colorful hair and if you too want to sport a smashing look with a new hair color then you can choose one of these hairstyles and amuse your mirror. Continue reading Celebrities with Crazy Colorful Hair

Ashlee Simpson Hairstyle Inspiration

American singer Ashlee Simpson always differs from many other celebrities with her new styles and ways of transformations. She tries to look as fashionable as possible and each time appears either with new hair color or with new haircut. Today we’ll refer to Ashlee Simpson’s hairstyles which are very beautiful and are going to inspire stylish women for their next looks.Ashlee Simpson Hairstyle Inspiration Here you will see the many hairstyles this gorgeous celebrity has experimented with and you will surely find options matching your taste and preferences. So, what hair colors and hairstyles has Ashlee experimented with? We have seen her with various hair colors combined with different lovely hairstyles that suit her so much. We can say that all the hair color makeovers she has passed through so far were stunning and made her more attractive. The hairstyles she sports bring out her pretty face frame and features. Now, check these changes and choose a hairstyle according to your interests. Continue reading Ashlee Simpson Hairstyle Inspiration

 Ariana Grande Hair Color Makeover

Ariana Grande is one of the most fashionable celebrities that always amuse us with her new styles. Though she doesn’t go for radical transformations but her cute changes inspire many of us with their calm and soft nature. She is known especially with her hair color transformations that make her stand out and look more attractive. The sophisticated and feminine looks she wears suit her sweet face expression. She is so tender with the different hair colors that really suit her. So, here you can see Ariana Grande Hair Color makeover and if you have such complexion as she you can experiment with these hair colors in 2016.ariana grande hair colors 2016Ariana Grande Dark Brown Hair Color

The shades of brown hair color are the best options for Ariana’s dark complexion. It looks as if it’s her natural hair color which sparkles beautifully on her locks and brings out espresso hues. Matched with her dark brown eye color this hair color makes her look balanced and very tender. Wearing mild and natural looking makeup she has created a girl look with that sweet face. Continue reading  Ariana Grande Hair Color Makeover