Hottest Hairstyles 2016

Ready to find your styles right here? In this article we have collected the hottest hairstyles 2016 for you to get the most suitable hairstyle or haircut. All the options are trendy and fashionable and if you are still in search of a stylish hairstyle you’ll surely meet it below. Let’s start.hairstyles 2016Long Loose Waves

It’s time to say goodbye to big tight curls and to say hello to these fabulous loose waves. Do you have long hair? Opt for this hairstyle and feel more confident. Continue reading Hottest Hairstyles 2016

New Runway Inspired Hairstyles

We, women, are always hairstyle enthusiast who cannot imagine their lifestyle without new changes. If not these changes perhaps we may go mad. But since our hairstylists do their best to provide us with new hair styling solutions we’ll never notice luck of changes. The represented examples are new runway inspired hairstyles special for those who first want to discover the recent updates in the world of fashion.runway hairstyleLong Big Coils

Today some other versions of curls have come up to replace the old curling methods. It’s a kind of influence of retro hairstyles that doesn’t look dull; moreover it grabs attention and keeps eyes on your look. Though it’s not a casual style for everyday life but you can sport it for crazy parties, special occasions and for prom. Always keep in mind that there is much fun in curly and wavy hairstyles and they tend to draw attention. Continue reading New Runway Inspired Hairstyles

Date Night Braided Hairstyles

You are planning what to wear and how to look for your upcoming date night. We are here to help you. Keep your eyes on these hairstyles and consider one of them for your date night. You’ll surely find your style as well as the hairstyle that will appeal to your man the way he will not look somewhere else but at your pretty face. So, let’s discover these date night braided hairstyles together.braided hairstyles 2016Luscious Side Braid Hairstyle

Between so many braided hairstyles perhaps the most popular ones you have met are simple, French and fishtail braids. Subtly combining them in a one braid you will get a luscious side braided hairstyle which will look even more attractive if braided to a side. This is an easy and simple hairstyle which looks very gorgeous for a date night. Continue reading Date Night Braided Hairstyles

Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

The fact that you don’t have long locks doesn’t keep you away from braided hairstyles. Actually you can do lots of braids on medium length hair and you just need to learn them.medium BraidBoho Updo

Updo hairstyles are needed in many cases when you are planning to look classy and elegant. Why don’t you try this cool and chic updo? It’s just the one you have looked for such a long time. Combine it with a braid and cute hair accessory and you are ready for the romantic dinner. Continue reading Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

10 New Side Ponytail Ideas

Ponytail hairstyles have some ideal ways to make you look younger and girly. The best style for this look can provide side ponytails. They are easy achieved and very romantic hairstyles. These hairstyles are loved by men as well because they tend to make your whole appearance very cute.10 New Side Ponytail IdeasKim Kardashian Side Ponytail

Having quite long hair Kim Kardashian often rocks different ponytail. As you see her femininity and curtness is much more enhanced due to this cool side ponytail. Her side parted long bangs complete the hairstyle making it more sophisticated. Continue reading 10 New Side Ponytail Ideas

Coolest Boho Hairstyles

Try to do something cuter and more feminine with your hair. How? Here I suggest you coolest boho hairstyles. This is my favorite style and I wish to share it with you. You surely need a new hairstyle for any event.boho hair 2016Braided Bouffant

This hairstyle is easy achieved and suits almost all types of long hair. Creating a bouffant on the top part and simple braids on sides you can style a nice half updo hairstyle. You may wear it for a job interview or for a romantic dinner. Continue reading Coolest Boho Hairstyles

Ravishing Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long and healthy hair is gem that should be cared of and kept in a best way. If you love your locks perhaps you are always in a search of new hairstyles because you also love to style your hair in new stylish ways. Here I have collected the best and the most ravishing updo hairstyles for long hair which will be useful for formal meetings, weeding parties and for romantic dinners. Check them out.updo hairstyle for long hair 2016Low Bun Hairstyle for Long Hair

In many cases women with long hair need to combine their tender dress with hairstyle which can keep their hair out of their face can bring out face features. Low bun hairstyles are perfect for these cases. They may also bring a romantic touch in your look if you leave a thin section of your hair pout of the updo like the following example. Continue reading Ravishing Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Amazing Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braid is the pick of braided hairstyles. It’s the masterpiece that should be by any girl who has medium or long hair. The typical effect it provides is so beautiful and so amazing on hair that it seems as if a real waterfall is running on your locks. Just like the name this braid is so delicate and tender. Today I would like to share some waterfall braided hairstyles with you created on different haircuts. Let’s discover them together.waterfall braidsSimple Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids can be styled in various ways. From the simplest waterfall braid you can create the most complicated designs. This one is very simple and is created on the side part. As you see the color of the hair also plays a great role. The incredible copper shade beautifully brings out the hairstyle with its all luxury. Continue reading Amazing Waterfall Braids

Trendy Wavy Hairstyle Inspiration 2016

Wavy hairstyles are my favorites because they are too feminine, too trendy and very hot. These hairstyles are the unique ones that can be worn on any haircut starting from extra-short to very long. You can do any experiment with waves you like because they look beautiful with updos, braids and headbands. You can even combine them with straight bangs and unlike many other hairstyles they will still look incredibly pretty. Today I’ll represent 10 trendy wavy hairstyles for 2016 and will offer options for all haircuts.trendy wavy hair 2016Wavy Hairstyle on Long Hair

As long hair allows you to create different stylish hairstyles you may often go for waves. Besides making your locks more feminine waves will also allure people around you. If you add some fashionable caramel highlights on them the refreshed and hotter result will be provided. Continue reading Trendy Wavy Hairstyle Inspiration 2016

Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles

When women hear about ponytails they usually imagine a simple tied hairstyle which is easy to wear whenever and wherever. But when we offer the new and fabulous ways of styling ponytail hairstyles they get amused. Today I’ll speak about these ponytails which differ from regular styles and grab more attention due to their beauty. It’s time to change the boring pony into a fascinating hairstyle.ponytailsPonytail in Knots

A stylish way to liven up your simple ponytail is styling it in knots. You just need to tie knots on your ponytail. It even brings some fun with it and is pleasant to experiment. You can do this with many ponytails or just with a single one. Continue reading Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles