Updo Hairstyles for Second Day Hair

When you don’t know what to do with your second day hair just style a cool updo. We will help you discover the best updo hairstyles for second day hair and from now on you won’t get confused when the thing comes to messy or carefree hair. Though updo hairstyles are considered as elegant and formal styles but sometimes you need to create a simple updo and in this case those luxurious updos are not appropriate. Now look at the updo ideas we offer below.updo hairstylesTwisted Updo

If you have medium length hair you may like to style it like this. Though this looks very stunning but the twists make it messier and more casual. So, you can wear it on your second day hair and use this style as an everyday hairstyle as well. Continue reading Updo Hairstyles for Second Day Hair

Coolest Vintage Hairstyles of All Times

If we go back to the 40’s and 60’s and try to discover hairstyles which women used to wear that time we will see how many beautiful hairstyles there are that can be used these days as well, one, two, tree or perhaps 4? Actually they are many and the most interesting fact is that they are too stylish and are chosen first of all by celebrities. Now, I will share some cute vintage hairstyles which are the coolest of all styles.vintage hairstylesVintage Milkmaid Braided Updo

Try to compare this hairstyle with the common braided hairstyles that we have now. Doesn’t this look more sophisticated. As an updo hairstyle it’s perfect for special events and especially for wedding days. Continue reading Coolest Vintage Hairstyles of All Times

Choppy Short Haircuts 2016

Women, who need a haircut which is first of all trendy, second practical and third low-maintained, should go for short cuts. Special for you I have collected several choppy short haircuts to try in 2016. Actually short hairstyles are just the cuts that bring lightness and convenience but there are not for everyone. These hairstyles require pretty and slender face features and they don’t work with rough features. In other words too short hairstyles can make you look boyish. To avoid this style you should pay attention to your features, face shape and makeup. Now, let’s see which the best choppy short haircuts are for 2016.short hair 2016Short Burgundy Hair

This style is perfect for brunettes who have straight thin hair. It’s cozy and stylish. Wearing this hairstyle you’ll feel the classy touch it tends to bring into your appearance. This rich burgundy hair color can make your locks look fresher and healthier. You can go either for a lob, bob or pixie cut considering your face shape. This will completely change your look. Continue reading Choppy Short Haircuts 2016

Stylish Short Fringe Bangs for Short Hair

Nowadays most stylish women wear short haircuts which look complete with bangs. If you have a short haircut or you are going to get a short hairstyle then I recommend you to learn some short fringe bangs that can look very beautiful with your short cut.fringe bangsCurly Pixie with Short Fringe Bangs

If you think that short bangs don’t go with curly hairstyles then look at this example. Doesn’t it look delightful? It can become your signature hairstyle among your friends and believe in me everyone will like and copy it soon. If you have curly hair you can refresh it by this cute style. Continue reading Stylish Short Fringe Bangs for Short Hair

New Retro Hairstyle Ideas

We continue to discover new retro hairstyle ideas for you because they are going to rock in 2016 and you should look as fabulous as possible in the upcoming year. We do our best to represent you the most beautiful vintage hairdos which are ravishing and very lovely. Nowadays many stylish celebrities appear with retro hairstyles on the red carpet. These hairstyles allow you look glamorous and cute at the same time. Check them.retro hairstylesRetro Pinup Hairstyle

This fantastic hairstyle is so lovely on long hair. it makes hair look filler and more voluminous. You can wear this hairstyle as a wedding guest or just on your birthday. Only don’t forget to decorate it with a pretty red hair accessory and match it with red lips. Continue reading New Retro Hairstyle Ideas

Cool Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hairstyles are  haircuts that are something between short and long hair. Well, sometimes there are hairstyles you want to create with your medium hair and it seems either short or long. Surely they are not your hairstyles, but you can look for so many ideas to make your hair look cooler and prettier. We’ll share with you these hairstyle ideas right here. Let’s go!medium hairstyles 2016Sleek Bob Hiarcut

If you have a long bob or a lob haircut then the most common way to style it is the straight and sleek style. It’s easy to get with a simple hair styling iron and you need to iron your hair from the mid-shaft to the ends. If you want to add some flips at the ends framing your face you should twist your wrist slightly toward your face when you reach to the ends. Continue reading Cool Medium Length Hairstyles

Hot Retro Hairstyles for 2016

Today let’s discuss retro hairstyles which are back and are going to be the most fashionable glamorous hairstyles for the upcoming year. And yes, they really are. Soon there’ll be a tendency of wearing retro hairstyles in 2016 and you’ll get amused by seeing so many vintage hairdos worn by models and celebrities. Those that follow the latest news in fashion already started to rock the retro style.retro hairstyles 2016Well, it’s about 1940s and 1960s when our grandmas loved to wear hairstyles which made them look more sophisticated and seductive. And again it’s all about bouncy curls, finger waves, bombshell hairdos, bold geometric haircuts, fantastic bobs and scarf-tied updo hairstyles. Continue reading Hot Retro Hairstyles for 2016

Ponytail Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair

If you are tired of wearing the same ponytails each time then we’ll offer you new ways of styling it. Here you can see ponytail hairstyles which you can achieve in the simplest and easiest way. These days ponytails are very fashionable and they are worn not only on casual days but on special events too.ponytails 2016

We have seen so many models and celebrities rocking runways and red carpet with stylish ponytails matched with stunning outfits. These simple hairstyles sometimes grab attention and make us focus on face features more than on the hairstyle. They are perfect for any event and you can wear a ponytail at the workplace as well. It’s cozy, elegant and classy at the same time. They also avoid issue connected with time, because you can wear a ponytail just in few minutes. It gives you the opportunity of spending much time on your makeup which should look flawless since you are going to show them off. Continue reading Ponytail Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair

Hottest Elegant Hairstyles 2016

I think each girl should know at least two or three elegant hairstyles often to wear in her life. These hairstyles are not only very cozy but they are also very feminine. They are always in thing no matter when and what. You can wear them on wedding days, on special occasions and for formal meetings. Besides bringing subtleness into your look they also frame your face and bring out your spiffy face features. Below check the hottest elegant hairstyles for 2016 and learn the way they are styled in.elegnat hairstyles 2016Classic Bun Hairstyle

Celebrities that sometimes have bad hair day and still need to appear on the red carpet with a stunning look they sometimes go for updo or bun hairstyles and wear subtle makeup to show off their sparkling eyes and tender lips. It’s too easy to style a classic bun hairstyle and if it happens you don’t plan what hairstyle to wear it’s always with you.   Continue reading Hottest Elegant Hairstyles 2016

Cute Hairstyles for Fall

Fall is a humid and romantic season at the same time and the hairstyles we choose for this beautiful period should also be both cozy and beautiful. Sometimes we cannot leave our hair down because of the humidness of the weather and we look for hairstyles that are perfect for rainy days. Besides, we want to look seductive and quite captivating. Since the nasty nature of a humid weather may destroy your mood but the cute hairstyles collected here will give you great hair styling ideas.hairstyles for fall 2016Braided bun

Bun hairstyles are always with you when you need to have your hair gathered. When you style it along with braids it becomes more romantic and elegant. You can combine nay braided hairstyle you want with your bun. It can be French or Dutch braid. The easiest way to style a braided bun is making a high ponytail then braid the ponytail either a simple braid or a fishtail and rolling it over style a pretty bun. Secure it with a hair clip and you are done with a nice braided bun hairstyle. Continue reading Cute Hairstyles for Fall