Shades of White Blonde Hair Color

Usually natural blondes try to wear as many blonde shades as possible because their hair color allows it. If you have natural hair color then the new white hair color ideas will definitely interest you. This is a hair color that goes with fair skin tones and light eye color, though we can also see white blonde with dark eyes. This hair color looks nice on any hairstyle with it’s monotone effect.white blonde hair 2016There are lighter and warmer shades of white blonde. According to your taste and complexion you are supposed to choose the right shade for you. Lighter shades usually have cool reflection while warmer shades include some golden hues. If you have too fair complexion and still want to go for white blonde you’d better take warmer tints but if you have warm skin tone and want to break down that warmth you may pick a white blonde hair color between lighter shades. Cool tones are best for green and blue eyes and golden shades work with warmer eye colors like hazel brown,  light brown and dark brown. Looking at these pictures you will get the right image of white blonde and complexion matching.white blonde hair coor on bob

white blonde on pixie cut

white golden blonde hair colorTo get this hair color you need to bleach your hair to the lightest blonde. Of course this can be easily achieved by natural blondes as we have already mentioned but if you have dark hair color it is not recommended to go for such bleaching because you  may damage your locks. On the other hand you may destroy your whole appearance if you won’t pay attention to your skin tone. For the best result it is better to refer to a good hair colorist who knows all the hair coloring techniques. He/she will surely know whether it will suit you or not. So, ask for an advice from him/her. After dying use hair color protective products if you don’t want it fade and lose it’s lightness and shine.white blonde hair color on pixie cut

white blonde hair color on short hair

white blonde hair color on updo

white blonde hair color

white blonde hair color2016Now, have a look at these shades and get inspired by the coolness of white blonde hues applied on different haircuts. Those with short haircuts may face less hair damages then long haired beauties. So, think carefully if you want to dye your hair white blonde.white blonde hair color on long hair

white blonde hair color on bob hair

white blonde hair color idea

white blonde hair color idea 2016

white blonde hair color 2016