Romantic Braided Bridal Hairstyle Ideas 2016

Wedding day is one of the most important days in every girl’s life. It’s a big day for which ladies get prepared months ago. To look flawless and wonderful they try to choose a fantastic gown, shoes, makeup, jewelry, accessories and of course a pretty and romantic hairstyle. On this special day a good and unique hairstyles is always demanded and to be the queen of the day women are ready to look for as many hairstyle ideas as possible. Sometimes the best look is provided by a suitable hairstyle that goes with your face features.Bridal Dutch milkmaid braid 2016

Braided hairstyles give us wide opportunities of choosing the perfect hairstyle for our complete look. Today we’ll represent romantic braided bridal hairstyle ideas for 2016. If you are planning to get married in 2016 then hurry up and choose one of these great braided hairstyles for your big day.

Bridal Dutch milkmaid braid

Women that look for a classy braid may like bridal Dutch milkmaid braid. If you want to style your hair up then this hairstyle is a suitable and convenient one that brings a touch of femininity and can go with a tender and simple wedding dress. It’s an easy do hairstyle and you can achieve it even by yourself, but it can be done professionally by a good hairstylist too. Decorating it with white fresh roses will make it look more delicate.Bridal Dutch milkmaid braid 2016Waterfall braids

Today waterfall braids are very fashionable. It looks a bit complicated but several practices will be enough to get it. If you are not sure you can style it you may ask for the help of your hairstylist who can do it just in a few minutes. It’s a perfect hairstyle if you wish to get a simple and stunning look at the same time. Depending on your gown you can have it either straight or curl the ends beautifully.  However it is recommended to curl them to bring more luxury and do avoid looking too casual.Waterfall bridal braid 2016

Waterfall bridal braids 2016Embellished braids

One of the simplest ways of getting a romantic look is styling an embellished braid. In this case you are supposed to make a pretty long braid and according to your style and dress choose embellishments that can look nice on your braid. It’s simple to do as you get a glamorous and quite feminine hairstyle just by the help of beautiful embellishments. These accessories can be of floral elements. You can add both artificial and natural flowers on your nice braid.Embellished bridal braid 2016

Embellished bridal braids 2016Side fishtail braid

With a luxurious and subtle decorated gown this hairstyle will look perfect. Styling a side fishtail braid is also simple and doesn’t demand much effort. To bring a touch of romantics you can style it with small cute flowers matching with your jewelry and accessories. This braid is quite casual looking but if you want something simple that can grab more attention focusing on your beautiful face features then it’s a nice idea to get a simple side fishtail braid. Having your bangs pulled away from your face will make your eyes and your makeup look more attractive.Side fishtail bridal braid 2016

Side fishtail bridal braids 2016Braided chignon

Braided chignon is another good idea as a bridal hairstyle. It’s not that easy to achieve so perhaps you are supposed to refer to your hairdresser. This hairstyle is very gorgeous and looks very fascinating. After finishing the braid you can style a cute and low messy bun will be similar to a classic updo. If you have long bangs you can start the braid from there and from the side. But in case you have short nags you are supposed to weave it starting from the side part of your head.Braided bridal chignon 2016

Braided bridal chignon2016