Top 10 Center Parted Braids

New braided hairstyles among which you can see many astounding hairdos sometimes inspire us and make us think only about braids and braids. Braids are the coziest and the most feminine hairstyles each woman can rock. They are suitable for any event and can be worn on any type and length of hair. You have short hair? Don’t worry, there are styles like center parted braids that you can try on your short hair as part braidBoho Inspired Center Parted Braids

Here you see a very subtle boho inspired braided hairstyle which beautifully separates your hair into two parts creating not only a perfect and straight center lines on your head but also a great headband made of your own hair. It is done on long layered hairstyles but as you see the length of the layers don’t make a problem for braiding.

boho inpired center part braid
boho inpired center part braid

Center Parted Braided Hairstyle on Curly Hair

If you have curly hair and still want to create a center parted braided hairstyle you should use anti-frizz products to make your crown part sleek, smooth and straight. This will allow you to braid your top part hair easily creating the center lines. You can leave the rest of your hair curly and get a half updo hairstyle on the back.

center part braid on curly hair
center part braid on curly hair

Gwen Stefani Center Parted Braid

This is the second type of center parted braid with the help of which Gwen Stefani got a unique updo hairstyle. To get this style you need to have medium or long hair. In this case you will get one center part instead of two and can gather the rest of your hair at your nape as a bun hairstyle.

center parted  braid
center parted braid

Center Parted Braid Half Updo

In order to create this hairstyle you don’t need to have too straight or sleek hair. You can get it on your messy hair as well. It’s easier, looser and more carefree. You can wear this hairstyle on casual days giving your regular and simple updo more sophisticated look.

center parted  braid half updo
center parted braid half updo

Small Center Parted Braid

No matter you have long or short hair, you can create this hairstyle on any length of hair because all you need is braiding the op part hair in a small braid. You can even braid your straight bangs which sometimes annoy you. This will help you have your hair out of your face and will bring out your features.

center parted  braid
center parted braid

Center Parted Braid on Wavy Hair

These cute braids on light ginger hair look more beautiful due to the waviness of the locks. They are super for beach days when your hair is usually wavy because of the wetness. After untying your braids you’ll get boho waves.

center parted  braid on long waves
center parted braid on long waves

Center Parted Braid on Dark Hair

Though dark hair hardly brings out the style of your braid but they tend to give you a mysterious look. This hairstyle reminds us of Greek goddess hairstyle which are very fashionable these days.

center parted  braid updo
center parted braid updo

Kim Kardashian Center Parted Braid

In spite of having black hair color Kim Kardashian loves to experiment with different braided hairstyle. This one perfectly brings out her pretty face features and gives her a girly look.

center part  braids
center part braids

Golden Blonde Center Parted Braid

The golden blonde hair color is the ideal hue to enhance the beauty of a center parted braid. As you see it beautifully shines and makes the braid look like a golden piece on hair.

center part braid updo
center part braid updo

Center Parted Braid for Short Hair

Here you see a center parted braid which can be styled on short hair. Again we focus on the chosen hair color which is very trendy and subtle. The thing is about honey blonde hair color. It is one of the best choices for blondes who wish to refresh their hair color. This hue looks adorable on braids.

center part braid on blonde hair
center part braid on blonde hair