Mohawk and Faux Hawk Hairstyles 2016 for Men

Looking at the most fashionable hair styling solutions? Here we represent the best hairstyles that are trendy for 2016.  Today men’s stylish hairstyles for 2016 are Mohawk and faux hawk hairstyles which generally bring a fake hair which can be achieved with a simple hair wax or gel. So, let’s discuss these hairstyles and find out why they are so stylish these days.Faux Hawk hairstyles 2016To get this hairstyle you need to have voulmized hair on the top of your head which will allow you style it differently. You should create a bit wild hairstyle by combing back the roots and making a voluminous effect on the crown part. There are several ways of styling a Mohawk and faux hawk hairstyles. You can get either a messy style or a combed and tidy hairstyle. According to your outfit and style you can choose one of these hairstyles. The shown pictures will help you understand the best Mohawk or faux hawk hairstyle for you.Jensen Ackles Faux Hawk hairstyle 2016

Jensen Ackles Faux Hawk hairstyle best 2016

Mohawk and  Faux Hawk Hairstyle 2016Before going for one of these haircuts discuss it with your hairstylist to know whether it goes with your face features and whether it can make you look more handsome. If your head shape allows you get this kind of hairstyle then hurry up and get this fabulous hairstyle. It will make your look quite hot and alluring. Many famous celebrities, stars, football players and just fashionable men sport these hairstyles which are going to compile the top trendy lists of 2016 hairstyles.

Mohawk and faux hawk hairstyles are perfect for men looking for an easy yet very attractive hairstyle. They are cheaper and give you more hair styling opportunities.Mohawk and  Faux Hawk Hairstyle David 2016

Mohawk and  Faux Hawk Hairstyle David Backhem

Mohawk and  Faux Hawk Hairstyle harry dudWays to style a Mohawk or faux hawk hairstyle: to style a Mohawk or faux hawk hairstyle you can choose different ways. One of them is having your bangs side swept with a voulumized effect. The other way is to bring your bangs together and with the help of a hair wax or gel make a top gathered hairstyle by your fingers. Then comb back it and leave it dry to get fixed. Another style is the messy style which also brings out a gingerbread effect. All the styles look ret and you can choose some of them or just one that best suits you. Though this is a carefree looking hairstyle but you can wear it in formal parties combining with a classic suit. It may bring a contrast but the look will definitely be very original. If you want to stand out from the crowd then these hairstyles are for you. Try to look as fashionable and handsome as possible.Mohawk and  Faux Hawk Hairstyle messy 2016

Mohawk and  Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Mohawk and  Faux Hawk Hairstyle2016

Taylor Lautner with Faux Hawk Zayn 2016

Taylor Lautner with Faux Hawk