Top 5 Trendy Hairstyles for Men

Men of this century are quite fashionable and keep their eyes on the trendiest hairstyles for men. They say that sometimes men can’t find more hair styling options but if you look through the available hairstyles created special for men you will see that the there are millions of options including all kinds of styles for every taste. In this article you can find top 5 trendy hairstyles for men which are in thing right now.hairstyles for men 2016Most men try to wear hairstyles which are both stylish and suit their face features. There are different hairstyles created for different reasons. Some tend to highlight your face features and some make a nice frame for your face making you look more handsome and some others can hide whatever you don’t like on your look. Now, let’s discuss these hairstyles that look very beautiful and emphasize masculinity.

Spiky hairstyles for Men

spiky haircutSpiky hairstyles are very common these days and they are worn by most men. They are short hairstyles that can be styled differently.  You can have the trendy criss-cross style or sport blunt razor cut bangs and since these spikes allow you get different hairstyles they are great for any occasion. They give you the opportunity of combing them back, front, down or up and according to your preferences you can style it the way you want.Spiky hairstyles for MenBuzz Cut Hairstyles for MenBuzz Cut Hairstyles for Men 2016These super masculine hairstyles are generally cut 4-5 inch from the base. According to your face and head shape you can have it too short, medium or a bit long. Men with round face and handsome face features can choose too short buzz cut hairstyles.Buzz Cut Hairstyles for MenBraided Hairstyles for MenBraided Hairstyles for Men 2016Perhaps you have seen many Afro-American men with various braided hairstyles which look unique and make them stand out from the crowd. Today different people wear these hairstyles differently. You can see small braids on long blonde hair which tend to bring out the blonde shades beautifully and to tell the truth they look very original.Braided Hairstyles for Men

Braided Hairstyles for Men2016Layered Hairstyles for MenLayered Hairstyles for Men 2016Layered hairstyles are popular not only among women but also among men who have long haircuts. The only thing you should pay much attention too is the type of your hair and the shine it has. If you have healthy-looking and fine hair you can go for layers. But those that have long but not so good-looking locks it’s better to cut it off. This will also allow your hair get refreshed and grow healthy.Layered Hairstyles for MenPompadour for MenPompadour for Men coolThis is perhaps the trendiest hairstyle of 21st century. It is easily achieved on long and medium length hair and it’s difficult to get on short haircuts as you can’t brush them back. To get this pompadour you need to apply some amount of wax on your hair and brush it back. And as soon as you get the desired position of your hair you are expected to press the middle part to get this effect. That’s it.Pompadour for Men 2016

Pompadour for Men