Celebrity Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircuts are recently becoming more and more popular and one of the reasons is the tendency of celebrities sporting this brave hairstyle. Though they look rather boyish than feminine but our smart hairstylist find the best solutions to make them look softer and tender. Here you can check celebrity pixie haircuts and if you have decided to go for a nice pixie cut you can choose one of these options. Get your hair chopped off getting inspired by our famous celebs.

Halle Berry Pixie HaircutHalle Berry Pixie HaircutCalling Halle Berry the queen of pixie will be quiet appropriate since we have seen her with so many pixie cuts. Perhaps this trendy look is one of the best styles she has ever sported. This is a hot hairstyle that has a kind of edginess and brings a touch of power. She has a subtle look at the same time due to the simple and mild makeup that makes her eyes sparkle beautifully. And her smile just softens the hairstyle she has worn.

Cate Blanchett Pixie HaircutCate Blanchett Pixie HaircutThis ‘tomboyish’ look of Cate Blanchett is softened with the help of the pretty blonde hair color. Her hairstylist found the best way of making her look even more feminine. It’s quite classy and elegant and matches Cate’s face features. It’s a simple haircut not so edgy colored with a strawberry blonde shade. If you like it you can experiment with it just this year.

Katharine McPhee Pixie HaircutKatharine McPhee Pixie HaircutKatharine McPhee is here with her smashing sleek hair dyed in a light blonde hair color. Though she looks fabulous with any hairstyle but this one radically changed her look making her a different lady. Her pretty face features are nicely highlighted due to this chic hairstyle that make her eyes pop out. The beautiful make up along with a hot red lipstick and dark eye color perfectly go with the cool hairstyle and subtle hair color.

Rihanna Pixie HaircutRihanna Pixie HaircutHaving her hair cut off like this Rihanna brought a rocking look that emphasize her face features and suit her perfectly. She looks just gorgeous and very lovely with that super pixie hair colored in black hair color that works with her complexion and makeup. If you have such face features and such complexion perhaps this hairstyle can be a good idea for your next haircut. Try it out just this year to rock the list of fashionable women.