Mahogany Hair Color for Fall/Winter 2015-2016

The latest trend in the world of fashion is to rock the mahogany hair color which has very eye-catching shades. This color is experimented with many Hollywood stars and now is copied by most stylish women. It has several shades closer to burgundy hair color. Choosing any shade of this hair color you will have a vibrant shade which will grab much attention. Mahogany hair color is perfect especially for the fall season when the leaves change their colors into reddish brown and red and if you want a dark hair color you can try it in fall/winter  2015-2016.Mahogany red Hair Color 2016Mahogany hair color has some advantages due to which it is so popular lately. Let’s discuss these benefits. It’s easy to achieve on any type of hair particularly on dark hair. It hides fair flaws and grey perfectly. This hue gives your hair liveliness and more shine. Your hair will look healthy and silky. People who have mahogany hair color will tell you that it’s very easy to deal with. Continue reading Mahogany Hair Color for Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Trendy Wavy Hairstyle Inspiration 2016

Wavy hairstyles are my favorites because they are too feminine, too trendy and very hot. These hairstyles are the unique ones that can be worn on any haircut starting from extra-short to very long. You can do any experiment with waves you like because they look beautiful with updos, braids and headbands. You can even combine them with straight bangs and unlike many other hairstyles they will still look incredibly pretty. Today I’ll represent 10 trendy wavy hairstyles for 2016 and will offer options for all haircuts.trendy wavy hair 2016Wavy Hairstyle on Long Hair

As long hair allows you to create different stylish hairstyles you may often go for waves. Besides making your locks more feminine waves will also allure people around you. If you add some fashionable caramel highlights on them the refreshed and hotter result will be provided. Continue reading Trendy Wavy Hairstyle Inspiration 2016

10 Trendy Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts for 2016

There were times when women with curly hair didn’t know what to do with their locks to look different, stylish and more seductive. Today they know the best way of showing off their beauty. The thing is about short cuts which are very required and fashionable. 10 best curly and wavy pixie cuts for 2016 are collected jut blow and if you don’t orientate what hairstyle to wear on your curly locks then you may consider these astounding hairstyles. You will surely stand out with these cuts and will get a totally new look.short pixie cuts 2016#1: Mohawk-Inspired Pixie Haircut

The first hairstyle I would like to speak about is the Mohawk-inspired pixie haircut. This style is perfect for girls with oval face shapes. Due to the thick and voluminous top part of your hair you can create a stylish pompadour which best goes with side shaved hairstyles. Continue reading 10 Trendy Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts for 2016

New Hairstyle Ideas 2016

Today I’m not going to do inventions for you because the hairstyles represented here are just brand new ideas created on common hairstyles. But, wait and you will see how unique and charming they look. You can copy some of them in the upcoming year and rock it with your new looks. I have collected them carefully for all hair types so that each of you could find her style. From super short pixies to bobs and from medium length to long hairstyles you are going to get acquainted with your new friends; hairstyle ideas 2016. So, let’s go!hairstyles 2016Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

If you think Mohawks are only for edgy pixie cuts I am here to tell you that you can create it on medium and long hair as well. How? Here it is. The braided Mohawk is a new design that  can be used in prom hairstyles to make them more eye-catching. Unlike other braids that look more alluring on blonde hair this hairstyle doesn’t ask hair colors and looks perfect on brunettes as well. Continue reading New Hairstyle Ideas 2016

6 Celebrity Hairstyles to Copy in Fall

Fall is coming and you are expected to change your hairstyle according your face shape. The upcoming season is all about wavy styles that we used to rock in summer too. They are very simple and wearing them you’ll look like our stylish celebrities. Look at the best examples of celebrity hairstyles for fall and pick a style to refresh your appearance.hairstylesJulianne Hough Asymmetrical Tug

Asymmetrical tug is a quite shaggy and cool hairstyle that best goes with oval faces. Here you see adorable Julianne Hough who has chosen the best haircut for her face shape. She has also opted for the right blonde shade matching her light skin tone and light eyes. Those that have thin hair can go for this hairstyle making it look fuller and more volumized. Continue reading 6 Celebrity Hairstyles to Copy in Fall

New Retro Hairstyle Ideas

We continue to discover new retro hairstyle ideas for you because they are going to rock in 2016 and you should look as fabulous as possible in the upcoming year. We do our best to represent you the most beautiful vintage hairdos which are ravishing and very lovely. Nowadays many stylish celebrities appear with retro hairstyles on the red carpet. These hairstyles allow you look glamorous and cute at the same time. Check them.retro hairstylesRetro Pinup Hairstyle

This fantastic hairstyle is so lovely on long hair. it makes hair look filler and more voluminous. You can wear this hairstyle as a wedding guest or just on your birthday. Only don’t forget to decorate it with a pretty red hair accessory and match it with red lips. Continue reading New Retro Hairstyle Ideas

 6 Trendy Hairstyles for Long Hair 2016

You have long, long and boring hair which often annoys you. What are you waiting for? Change you style. I am not going to offer you cut off your luxury but I am going to represent 6 trendy hairstyles for long hair 2016. They are quick and very convenient for any occasion.hairstyles 2016Twisted ponytail

If you love ponytails but wish to see something new then the twisted ponytail is for you. It’s a quite tight hairstyle and will stay the way it is till the end of the day. You can leave the ends either straight or curled. For a more carefree effect you can make them messier. This hairstyle is suitable for casual busy days as well as for workplaces. Continue reading  6 Trendy Hairstyles for Long Hair 2016

Fashionable Hairstyle Ideas for You

What hairstyles are fashionable today? Get the answer right here. We’ll represent you fashionable hairstyle ideas that are in thing these days and continue to rock the lists of top hairstyles for women. If you want to know the secret of looking alluring keep on reading.hairstyles for 2016Short Hairstyles: Bob and Pixie

If you know only two types of short hairstyles: bob and pixie then we are here to tell you that today’s world of fashion offers many more styles for these two hairstyles leaving apart the standard and regular bob and pixie. There are different styles of pixies and bobs which are very attractive. Continue reading Fashionable Hairstyle Ideas for You

Trendy Edgy Haircuts for 2016

As you have already noticed edgy hairstyles are going to become even more popular in 2016 and the transformations of our celebrities prove this fact. Soon we will see these hairstyles copied my nay women who want to look braver and flashier. Here you will see cool hairstyle ideas shown by celebs who look very different and unique with them. You may find some inspiration looking at the following hairstyles.edgy hairstyles 2016Edgy Hairstyle of Kimberly Caldwell

The most common edgy looks for the coming year create bangs hairstyles. Here you see Kimberly Caldwell with very cute pixie haircut styled with waves on the long layered and side swept bangs. The chosen platinum blonde hair color which is also very trendy makes her look complete and totally goes with her complexion as well as with her face shape. Continue reading Trendy Edgy Haircuts for 2016

Creative and Cute Hairstyle Ideas

If you are a stylish lady and soon get tired of the same hairstyles then this article is just for you. Here you will see creative hairstyle ideas that look both beautiful and unique. They will bring a soft touch into your look and will make you stand out from the crowd. Our hairstylists do their best to create new hairstyles for ladies seeking for fabulous looks. If you are invited for a crazy party or for a birthday party then the hairstyles represented here will bring great ideas on your mind. You can always use your imagination to style your hair differently and to amuse your people around you.creative hairstyles 2016Retro Hairstyles

Since retro style is one of the old styles many women use it as a new and differing style opting both makeup and hairstyles. These hairstyles are very glamorous and wearing them your look goes through a huge transformation. It seems as you have changed into another “you” adding a touch of more femininity and hotness into your look. Look at these pictures of retro hairstyles and according to your haircut choose the ones which can best suit you. Combining them with the right retro makeup and outfit you will get the perfect retro style. This is another passion that today allures many women. Continue reading Creative and Cute Hairstyle Ideas